Guitar Gallery: What’s hanging on your wall ?

……………or under the bed !!  Thought we could start a page with photos of your guitar(s) and some blurb about it ( them) if you want. So………..heres a few to get started:


A Found Lap Steel Original:

20140216_175211 This instrument began life as a nylon string acoustic learners guitar;  No. 10 at Westlake Girls HS  Music Department (Retired ).  Now serving as a mounted lap steel guitar.
20140216_175220 It was recovered from the inorganic collection in Northcote several years ago in a severe water damaged state but irresistable as a found instrument in need of a second life. The brass wings on the headstock are from the Air Adventurers Club, established in 1988.
20140216_175229 The stand was also recovered from a thrown out drum kit cymbal stand.
20140216_175252 It plays better than  OK.,




This is my fourth acoustic guitar over 49 years and far and away my favourite.

Martin OPGPA4GPCPA4_1 GPCPA4_3 Having spent a good number of weeks surfing the net and trailing around the shops for what to buy, I went to collect the one I had decided upon.  I saw this guitar hanging on the wall and, on a last minute whim I gave it a try , was blown away by its feel, made a snap decision, blew the budget and we have been blissfully happy together for over two years now.


Special Guitar Stories:

Mark Knopfler has had many guitars but shares a journey with Dire Straits Bass player John Illsley to describe the relationship he has had with the guitars we have seen associated with him.


Detroit Michigan,  a desolated city, victim of the World Financial Crisis gives up some of it’s history to make new musical instruments,


Brian May built his first guitar with his dad,  …..“.the fireplace



ERIC (again)

Fender Stratocaster American Standard – (with Gotoh and Schaller gold mods)

My retirement present to myself.

Strat1 Strat2